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That feeling when you can’t stop your tears from falling.

Hindi ko alam kung bakit may mga taong pinanganak sa mundo para lang manira ng buhay ng ibang tao? Tao kaya talaga sila? O hayop na nagkatawang-tao? Siguro nga. Parang ang hirap na tuloy magtiwala. Hindi ko na alam kung sino pa ba ung mga totoo saken. Parang wala na kong kakampi. Walang makakaintindi saken.

After 9 months of being a good follower, ganito ung mangyayari? FVCK! I’m really mad. Pissed off. Nakakasalubong ko sila lagi pero bakit di nila ko kinausap kung may problema pala sila saken? Bakit ngayon sila nag-iinarte saken ng ganito? Kasi maayos na ung kinalalagyan ko ngayon? At sila e nasa impyerno pa rin nila? Damn! 

Hindi ako naiiyak dahil sa takot ako sa mga pwede nilang gawin saken. Naiiyak ako sa sobrang sama ng loob ko. Naiirita ko. Naiinis ako. Ang bait-bait ko, tapos sisiraan ako? Oh well. They’re really known for being backstabbers. Kung kelan mga nagsipantanda at nagsipanot na ung mga ulo, tsaka pa nag-aastang parang mga bata.

Bakit hindi na lang sila maging masaya kung ano man ung gusto ko at alam kong mas makakabuti saken? If I didn’t step out of that hell, siguro nakatanga pa rin ako sa laptop ko buong maghapon. Did I ever dream of relaxing in their seats? Hell no! You all have the power but you’re overusing it. I may be a ‘cry baby’ as you’ve seen, but this girl doesn’t accept defeat. You may have made me cry today. Pero bukas, humanda kayo. I have all the evidences against you.

Wala PO akong pakialam kung iho-hold niyo ung voucher ko. Inyong-inyo na yan. Hindi ako magmamakaawa para makuha yan sa inyo. Pera lang yan. Kung magiging masaya kayo sa ginagawa niyo, GO. Pero wag niyong kalimutan na panandalian lang ung saya na mabibigay niyan sa inyo. Digital na ang karma ngayon. Kung kelan bilang na ung araw niyo sa mundo, tsaka niyo pa pinapanindigan ung pagiging demonyo niyo.

Matagal ko ng alam ung ugali niyong yan. Di ko alam na wala pala kayong pinipiling biktima. Mapamataas man ung posisyon o mababa.

Sorry but I’d be happiest when I see you laying in rectangles that would fit you, finally resting in peace. AHs!


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Taylor's unreleased song about Harry [LEAKED] 

Maybe it’s time to let go
Maybe it’s better off alone
Maybe today’s the wrong time
Someday we’ll learn to be strong
Maybe you’re right about this
We’re busy people with busy lives
We can’t keep up on this
So goodbye

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Oo. Haha. :) Ewan ko pero nae-enjoy ko kahit pagod lagi. :p Siguro at sana ito na nga ung career for me. :)))

wow, career-an itey teh! good luck!
Tuesday, January 15

Got 17 calls today. There are really different kinds of people, just like the doctors. The come in different forms. Lol. Some are very accommodating. Some are inquisitive. And some are just not that interested with what I offered.

So far, so good. I know my spiel very well but when the doctors started to ask the medical side of it, I was like, “Hmmmm…” I always try to reciprocate the question and not look like I really don’t know my products (‘Cause I really don’t know. I haven’t had my product trainings yet I was required to meet my doctors and cover them. My spiels are my savior.). There comes the communication theories that I learned in college. I try to lead their questions into something that I know. Sometimes, it’s all about analyzing their inquiries very well ‘cause the answer to their questions are already given. I guess they’re just testing my knowledge with my products.

I met my most accommodating doctor so far. Dr. See. :) From product detailing, our conversation went through my mountaineering hobby. Haha. I promised myself that I will put him as my core doctor. :) I also met this day the doctor that blew my concentration away. Dr. Cacas. :( She kept on insisting that the effects of one of products are not through. So my next visit to her, I should let her see the study that proves the effectivity of that medicine. Err.

This job is very stressful yet I am enjoying it, really. :) I get to meet different people everyday (MRs, doctors, secretaries, security guards). I travel from this hospital to that clinic. Tiring? Yes. But I’d rather have this kind of busy-ness than stare at my computer the whole day.

Let’s call it a day. :) I still have to make my list of doctors for tomorrow. Hope to have 20 calls tomorrow. Fingers crossed. :)


Sure it will- hopefully.


Sure it will- hopefully.

Hi Tumblr! I badly need you right now. I just deactivated my FB account so I’ll be more focused with you and with my e-mail. Just the two of you.

I need a therapy right now and I think writing will make me feel better. :) We’re already on the first half of the first month of 2013. It seems like many things have happened into my life.

Right now, I feel so down. :( I don’t understand why some people are born to ruin others’ lives. Can’t they just have their own fuckin’ lives and stop being a mess to others? I want to have a HAPPY, NORMAL life but here’s this asshole who keeps on being a SHIT. He doesn’t want me to be happy even after all the good things that I contributed to his life, that’s why he keeps on ruining my life.

History has its way of repeating itself. This scenario already happened exactly a year ago. Maybe the reason why it happens again is because I wasn’t able to instill in my mind the lessons that I should’ve learned before.

I need to distance myself from all the things and the people that influences this ego. FB is one factor so I deactivated it temporarily. I’ll be back as soon as I am ready to face all these circumstances. Sooner, I’m going back to my old network because I badly need it for my new work. So 24/7, here I come again. :)

Too many challenges on the first month of 2013. But sorry, I won’t allow you to succeed on whatever plans you have.

I am stronger than depression and I am braver than loneliness and nothing will ever exhaust me. :)))


My new year resolutions for year 2013. I WANT THIS TO BE MY EFFING YEAR, YOU GUIZE. =3


My new year resolutions for year 2013. I WANT THIS TO BE MY EFFING YEAR, YOU GUIZE. =3

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